Islamic News- THE BEAST IS RISING (DAN 7-12; REV 11-10)

Articles & Commentary
Muslims Target Muslims  (WND)
The Quran says that true Muslims are those who act harshly toward non-believer and hypocrites – the latter group being those who say they are Muslim, but do not act like it. Beginning of the End in England?  (American Thinker)
Being politically incorrect in Britain now means having your door kicked in by the Gestapo. Muhammad: Sexual Superman?  (Raymond Ibrahim)
What other religion portrays its head figure and prophet in such a manner – having sex with several women in a single hour and having sex with a 9-year-old? Christian “Just War” vs. Islamic Jihad  (Right Side)
One may or may not believe that there is a Christian basis for war, but it certainly cannot be argued that there is no Islamic basis for one or that the parameters of acceptability fall well outside “just war” margins. Why Did Muhammad Wear Women’s Clothes?  (Answering Muslims)
(Video) An hour-long examination of the prophet of Islam’s cross-dressing habits. Arab Christians Chase Out of the Middle East  (FSM)
“It is a tragedy of immense proportions and it is one that is entirely the result of the inherent hatred by Islam for all other faiths.” Why Did Americans Die in Benghazi?  (American Thinker)
While politicians play the blame game, no one seems to be interested in the actual motives of the Benghazi killers. Murder in the name of Islam is simply taken for granted, it seems. Publicly-Subsidized Propaganda in Norway  (FrontPage Magazine)
“[Robert] Spencer made sense and didn’t look dangerous, but Nielsen assured us he was.” Another Emerging Autocracy  (Jerusalem Post)
Once held up as a shining example of Islam’s compatibility with the modern world, the secular State of Turkey is looking much less secular these days. Religious Relativism Destroys Conviction  (Andrew C. McCarthy)
“Equal protection under those laws is the glue of a free, pluralistic society – but Sharia rejects it, elevating Muslims above non-Muslims and men above women.” When Anti-Semitism Becomes ‘Anti-Colonialism’  (Telegraph)
People often hear only what they want to hear, but some on the Left might should consider paying more attention to the Islamic rhetoric against Israel. Islam and the Australian Grandmother  (Islam Watch)
“When we take over and we will. I will remember your face. I will have you buried up to your neck and stoned to death.” America’s Greatest Foreign Policy Error  (Daniel Greenfield)
Islamic violence is just the symptom. The real problem is Islam. 10 Years After Nord Ost  (Russia and India Report)
After 130 innocent people were killed in one of the worst terror attacks on Russian soil, even the most naive lost their faith in the idea that terrorists are ‘freedom fighters’. Betraying Fort Hood Victims  (WND)
One of the Obama administration’s most bizarre decisions was to categorize the terror attack at Fort Hood as ‘workplace violence.’ Defending Sudan’s Christians from Islamist Terror  (FrontPage)
“Acknowledging the wickedness of a radical Islamist regime is hard for many Western church elites who typically locate evil only in Western culture.” Europe: Turning Churches into Mosques  (INN)
“Is Islam the destiny for the world’s most affluent, relaxed and pacified societies which opted for self-liquidation?” US Foreign Policy and the Presidential Debate  (Bostom)
“Once again, the American public has demonstrated a wisdom and devotion to our bedrock freedoms apparently not shared by many cowering academic and political elites.” Why America is Their Enemy  (Jerusalem Post)
“To be hated the United States doesn’t have to do anything wrong. It just has to be itself and pursue its own legitimate interests.” Blaming the Video  (FrontPage Magazine)
“When anyone dares to say jihad means violence, the so-called moderate Muslims are outraged, but manage to look the other way when violence is committed in the name of Islam.” Don’t Blame the Taliban, Blame Islam  (Jihad Watch)
This is the second part of a surprisingly blunt article originally appearing on a Pakistani site. A link to the first part is included (try the Jihad Watch link, since the original has since been pulled). Islam and Insult  (American Thinker)
Western intellectuals are warming up to the idea of thought crime. I’m a Blasphemer. Get Over It.  (Foreign Policy)
“It’s a new Inquisition happening in Egypt in the twenty-first century while the whole world remains silent.” “I Feel Like an Alien in My Hometown”  (Muslim Issues)
An article from a few years back that notes change for the worse in Britain. On Suspending Muslim Immigration  (Renew America)
Muslims obviously prefer life in non-Muslim countries such as the U.S., but how many American lives should be sacrificed? Muslim Extremism in Mali  (Washington Times)
“Non-Muslims need to sit up and take notice of what the ‘religion of peace’ is doing to the citizens of northern Mali. Islamic control in that part of the world is a microcosm of what to expect if Muslim extremists ever gain the upper hand.” Honing Anti-Semitism in France and Sweden  (Gatestone)
A rapid influx of Muslims is resulting in anti-Jewish violence on a continent that should know better. Explaining Jihadist ‘Nice Guys’  (Robert Spencer)
Another ‘decent, gentle’ person gets caught up in Islam and. . . well, then tries to kill hundreds of people. How long before the rest of us start putting the clues together?

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