[Walid] Bible Prophecy on the Defeat of the Arabic Alliances Against Israel

Bible Prophecy on the Defeat of the Arabic Alliances Against Israel

I remember being a young boy in Jericho when The American Council came from Jerusalem with information on a war about to erupt. They started to evacuate all of the Americans in the area, and since my mother was an American they came to the rescue, my father however refused as he loved his country.

The Six Day War began. The Jews captured old Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine… A great disappointment to Arabs and Muslims worldwide! I remember many things from the war; the thunder of the bombs and chatter of machineguns that went on day and night for six days. Many Arab citizens in Jericho started looting stores and houses as people ran and crossed the Jordan River in fear of the Israelis. The Israeli soldiers announced “Every house with a white flag on its gate will be spared, and whoever does not have the white mark will be broken in by force”. The war was called the Six Day war because it was won in six days. It was interesting that on the seventh day, a Rabbi by the name of Goren blew the ram’s horn on the wailing wall in Jerusalem declaring the victory. Many Jews claim that this was a parallel to Joshua, when he went around the walls of Jericho six times, then on the seventh day seven times, and on that day the priests blew the trumpets and everyone shouted with one voice and the walls came tumbling down, and the Israelites took the city. To my father in Jericho it did indeed seem that the walls had tumbled down on him. During the war he was always listening to the Jordanian radio station, he used to say that the Arabs were wining the war, but he was listening to the wrong station. The Israeli station was announcing the truth of their soon coming victory, but instead, my father chose to believe the Arabs who claimed that the Israelis were promoting propaganda.

The Arabs have been loosing wars against Israel exactly as the Bible prophesied in the examples I have showed. The Quran teaches “My people inherits the land”, which are Muslims, this was also not true in the case here. I lived in Israel during the Six Day War, the P.L.O resistance, the Jordanian Black September civil war, the bloody wars in Lebanon, and the war of Yom Kippur, with more blood spilt among ourselves and with no hope of destroying Israel… All of these losses and we still hoped for that one victory, since that is all what it takes to destroy them.

Muslims claim Israel is God’s punishment on them for allowing bad government to rule the Islamic world. That’s why we see attempts to topple governments with majority Muslim population. The Islamic world has its heart set on destroying Israel. The best way to prove this is to quote the Syrian president Hafez Asad “There are still one hundred wars to come with Israel. All we need to defeat Israel is One.”

The God of Israel promised in this second restoration declaring; “and they shall not be pulled up”, yet the Arab and Muslim world will try again.

God in the Bible promised that they will fail. The Psalms of David (Al-Zabur), in chapter 83. Notice in verse 4 “They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.” Which sounds like a speech by Jamal Abdel-Naser and every other Arabic leader who declared war on Israel and lost. This is exactly what the Bible foretold thousands of years ago.

via [Walid] Bible Prophecy on the Defeat of the Arabic Alliances Against Israel.


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