Thailand: Muslims commit genocide of Thai Buddhists for not bending to Islam (Graphic images) «

Is this what we want our future to be in our countries?

Have you ever wondered how Muslims acquired Christian, Jewish and pagan countries and regions through history known today as Egypt, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar which now total 51 countries? This is how.

Thailand is experiencing Muslim genocide of their people in what is officially called Muslim Military Insurgence. But all it is is Islam. Muslims are responsible for the same genocide in Burma. The Burmese government finally tackled the issue the only way they could by leveling Muslim areas, killing attackers and driving Muslims out of their country. For this, Burma has been accused of “Human Rights Violations”. Why did no one come forth and accuse the unprovoked slaughter of Buddhists to be a Human Rights Violations? Where is the public outcry of Human Rights Violations against the Thai people? Neither governments or media have done anything at all to denounce the Islamic genocide of the Burmese and Thai people and offer them backup and weapons to fight the evil they experience. Governments are, however, providing funding and weapons to radicals in the Middle East cloaked as rebels, to overturn their leaders and install an extremist government.

Muslims account for a mere 4.6% of the total Thai population (35% density in the South bordering Malaysia), yet have been spreading fear among the indigenous Buddhists of the region, using violence and brutality. They have resorted to the random killing of Buddhists, including school teachers and Buddhist monks. When the Muslim population grow to such density, this is what tend to become the reality. Pay in mind that Europe is only 30 years from reaching a 35-40% Muslim population. The Thai people tried for many years with peace offers, negotiations, signs of friendship but nothing helped.

via Thailand: Muslims commit genocide of Thai Buddhists for not bending to Islam (Graphic images) «.


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