Is Psychology a Sign of the Last Days?

Is Psychology a Sign of the Last Days?

Hunt & McMahon – The Berean Call

Search the Scriptures Daily Program #1304a Transcript follows:

Gary: Welcome to Search the Scriptures Daily , a radio ministry of The Berean Call with Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon. I’m Gary Carmichael, thanks for joining us.

Coming up in this week’s program, in our Understanding the Scriptures segment, Dave and Tom will resume their exploration of the Gospel of John and “Should Christians Have Weapons?” In Religion in the News, “What are Messianic Gentiles?” We’ll take a look at that story and examine the question “Are Some Evangelicals Acting More Like Catholics?” We hope you can stay with us.

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Now this week’s Cover Article. Dave and Tom continue with their discussion of Dave Hunt’s book Countdown to the Second Coming . Along with Dave Hunt, here’s T.A. McMahon.

Tom: Thanks, Gary. In this segment of our program, we’re going through Dave Hunt’s book Countdown to the Second Coming and we’re currently in chapter 4. But, Dave, as you know, our topic for the last few programs dealt with the preparation of the world to receive the Antichrist, and we pointed to many signs that indicate that such a process is well underway. The technology, as we said, is definitely in place for this man to control world commerce, and certainly there’s much afoot in the religion arena to set people up to worship the Antichrist, which we also covered last week.

But today, we’re going to address a sign of the last days before the return of Christ that few have considered, which I think is not only a key sign indicated by the Scriptures, but also a major factor in the development of the apostate church. And, of course, Dave, you know I’m referring to psychology.

Now before our listeners conclude that we’ve completely flipped out and are in great need maybe of the help of a shrink here or there, what do you say in our defense?

Dave: Well, 2 Timothy:3:1 begins, “In the last days, dangerous times will come; men will be lovers of their own selves….” And it goes on, “proud, boasters,” and so forth. A litany of evil that describes perfectly the day in which we live: “…without natural affection, covenant breakers,” and so forth. But psychology is a major force to try to get people to love themselves. I think it was Erich Fromm [who] wrote a book in ’45 was it? Man Against Himself , in which he said the problem with us is we don’t love ourselves enough. And he quoted from the Bible, “Jesus said, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” And he used that as justification. This man’s an atheist antichristian, but he’s catering to the Christians. He’s going to deceive the Christians, so he quotes from the Bible.

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