LATTER TIMES Heretics List

Dr. Mike Johnston

2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

Deceivers are rising up in the church as never before. Sadly, MOST CHRISTIANS are so Biblically ignorant they can’t spot them and get mad when ministries like ours point them out. The first sign Jesus gave heralding the last days was deception (Matt. 24:4). This warning was later echoed by the Apostles John (1 John 4:1); Peter 2:1-3); Jude; and of course Paul: Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils (1 Timothy 4:1). This Heretics List represents a growing collection of false prophets and teachers in the church now promoting the Occult New Age, *the Emergent Church, Latter Rain-Manifest Sons of God, Word of Faith, and a myriad of other chaotic Charismania collectively promoting and employing blasphemous eastern religious practices such as Shamanism (occult overtures), kundalini (slain in the spirit), divination (words of knowledge, prophesies, tongues and interpretations so called). Moreover, we name the perpetrators just like Paul did (1 Tim. 1:20; 2 Tim. 1:15; 2:17); John did (3 John 1:9); and Jesus did (Rev. 2:20). If you discover your favorite “Bible” teacher mentioned, I challenge you to research their message before you attack this messenger thereby proving you have been woefully deceived by them (Matt. 24:24). For an exercise in doctrinal soundness, may I suggest you acquire- and devour- an **Old Scofield KJV Study Bible and a subscription to the Sword of the Lord – POB 1099 – Murfreesboro TN 37133.

a Kempis, Thomas (Contemplative Mysticism)

Ahn, Che (Latter Rain)

Anderson, Fil (Universalism)

Angley, Ernest (Word of Faith)

Armstrong, Garner Ted (Worldwide Church of God)

Armstrong, Herbert W (founder Worldwide Church of God)

Arnott, John (Leader Toronto “Blessing”, Latter Rain)

Austin, Jill (Latter Rain)

Avanzini, John (lucre lover, Copeland clone)

Bailey, Foster, Alice (Lucis Trust, occult)

Bakker, Jamie (Emergent Church)

Bakker, Jim (lucre lover)

Baxter, Irvin (Anti-Trinitarian, baptismal regeneration, etc)

Bell, Rob (Emergent Church)

Bennett, Rita (Occult inner healing see Agnes Sanford)

Bentley, Todd (false prophet, kundalini, Lakeland lunacy)

Bernal, Dick (Latter Rain; spiritual war network)

Bevere, John and Lisa (lucre lover, Kingdom Now)

Bickle, Mike (Kansas City Prophets, Int’l House of Prayer)

Blanchard, Ken (Mystic Contemplative Prayer)

Blavatsky, Helena Patrovna (psychic, Theosophical Society)

Boshoff, Jan (false prophet, denies inspiration)

Branham, William (occult spiritist, serpent seed, false prophet)

Brother Lawrence

Brown, Michael L. (Brownsville heresy)

Browne, Rodney Howard (Latter Rain, spirit drunkenness)

Burke, John (Emergent Church)

Burke, Spencer (Emergent Church)

Cain, Paul (Kansas City Prophets/Latter Rain)

Campbell, Wes & Stacey (Latter Rain)

Camping, Harold (false prophet)

Campolo, Tony (liberal professor, author, theologian)

Caycee, Edgar (occult psychic clairvoyant)

Charisma Mag (writers, editors, associates)

Cho, Paul or David Yonggi

Chvada, Mahesh (Latter Rain)

Clark, Randy (Latter Rain, Toronto “Blessing”)

Clement, Kim (New Apostolic Reformation)

Cloud, Deron (Foul-mouthed Assoc of heretic Eddie Long)

Collins, Jim (Mystic Contemplative Prayer Movement)

Copeland, Kenneth and Gloria (Word of Faith)

Corner, Dan (Teaches Another Gospel other than Grace)

Craft, Charles (Latter Rain; spiritual war network)

Crouch, Matthew (promotes rank heresies via TBN)

Crouch, Paul Jr. (promotes rank heresies via TBN)

Crouch, Paul Sr. (lucre lover, sodomite, TBN founder)

Crowder, John (New Mystics, Sons of Thunder)

Dake, Finnis Jennings (Bible editor, Charismatic/Latter Rain)

Dawson, John (YWAM, Latter Rain Copelandite)

Dawson, Joy (Latter Rain; spiritual war network)

Daystar Television Channel (Charismania)

De Artega, William (Latter Rain adovocate)

Deere, Jack (Latter Rain, Wimberite)

Dollar, Creflo ((lucre lover, Copeland clone)

Dowie, John Alexander (Father of Modern Healing Revival)

Driscoll, Mark (previous Emergent Church leader)

Dunne, Benjamin (New Mystics; toking the “Ghost”)

DuPlantis, Jesse ((lucre lover, Copeland clone)

Eastman, Dick (Latter Rain; spiritual war network)

Eddy, Mary Baker (“Christian” Science; mind sciences)

Foster, Richard (Mystic Contemplative Prayer Movement)

Frangipane, Francis (Kansas City Prophets/Latter Rain)

Garcia, Theresa (Word of Faith Copelandite)

Hagee, John (Prosperity gospel; positive confession, etc)

Hagin, Kenneth Jr./Sr. (Kenyon clones like Copeland)

Hamon, Bill (Latter Rain)

Hanegraaff, Hendrick Hank (Preterist, plagiarist thief who stole Walter Martin’s ministry from his family)

Hayford, Jack (Ecumenist Pentecostal RC supporting Latter Rain Dominionist)

Hickey, Marilyn (Copeland clone)

Hill, Steve (lead “evangelist” Brownsville blasphemy)

Hinn, Benny (Latter Rain, fornicator w/Paula White)

Hubbard, Barbara Marx (Foundation for Conscious Evolution)

Hubbard, L. Ron (New Age, Scientology)

Huch, Larry (Copeland clone)

Hybels, Bill (Emergent Church, Chrislam)

Jackson, John Paul (Kansas City Prophets/Latter Rain)

Jacobs, Cindy (Copeland clone)

Jakes, TD (Oneness Pentecostalism)

Jones, Bob (Kansas City Prophets/Latter Rain, not College)

Jones, Laurie Beth (Mystic Contemplative Prayer)

Jones, Tony (Nat’l coordinator Emergent Church)

Jordan, Bernard (Hinn clone)

Joyner, Rick (Kansas City Prophets/Latter Rain)

Keating, Thomas (Contemplative Mysticism)

Kelsey, Morton (Agnes Sanford’s pastor)

Ken Blanchard (Emergent Church)

Kenyon, EW (Father of Word of Faith Occult Spiritism)

Kidd, Sue Monk (Mystic Contemplative Prayer Movement)

Kimball, Dan (Emergent Church)

King, Patricia (mystical witchcraft via Extreme Prophetic TV) LaVey, Anton (Founder church of Satan)

Kinnaman, Gary D. (Latter Rain spiritual warfare)

Kuhlman, Kathryn (adulterous, faith healer/Hinn’s mentor)

Lawrence, Brother (Contemplative Mysticism)

Lea, Larry (Latter Rain Copelandite)

Leonard Sweet (Emergent Church)

Long, Bishop Eddie (lucre lover, sodomite Charismatic)

Lucis Trust (occult, New Age)

MacNab, Francis (Kansas City Prophets/Latter Rain)

Marrs, Texe (rabid anti-Semite)

McClure, Joel (Emergent Church)

Mclaren, Brian (Emergent Church)

McManus, Erwin (Mystic Contemplative Prayer Movement)

Merton, Thomas (Trappist monk and Catholic mystic)

Meyer, Joyce (lucre lover, Copeland clone)

Miller, Calvin (Mystic Contemplative Prayer Movement)

Mills, Joshua (Crowder clone, gold dust, oily hands)

Muldoon, Dayna (Word of Faith)

Munsey, Phil (lucre lover, Copeland clone)

Munsey, Steve (lucre lover, Copeland clone)

Murdock, Mike (Copeland clone)

Murphy, Ed (Latter Rain; spiritual war network)

Murray, Arnold (serpent seed, much more)

Nouwen, Henry (Contemplative Mysticism, Emerging Church)

Osteen, Joel (compromiser, positive confession)

Packer, JI (Romanist and Charismatic Sympathizer)

Pagitt, Doug (Emergent Church)

Parham, Charles (sodomite father of modern Pentecostalism)

Parsley, Rod (Kingdom Now, Joel’s army, Manifest Sons)

Paulk, Earl (Latter Rain)

Peale, Norman Vincent (positive confession liberal)

Pearson, Carlton (Universalism)

Peck, M. Scott (New Age; Psychology Movement)

Peretti, Frank (Latter Rain; spiritual war network)

Peterson, Eugene (Mystic Contemplative Prayer Movement)

Pierce, Chuck (Elijah List)

Pierce, Chuck (Latter Rain)

Popes (all) (idolaters, false Christs, exceeding deceivers)

Popoff, Peter (lucre lover, fake healer)

Price, Fred KC (Copeland clone)

Rand, Ayn (philosophical existentialism)

Richard Foster (Emergent Church)

Rinker, Rosalind (Occult inner healing see Agnes Sanford)

Roberts, Oral (deceased, false prophet)

Roberts, Richard-Lindsey (Oral’s son-wife, false prophets)

Robertson, Pat (divination, false prophet, aiding wickedness)

Russell, Charles Taze (founder Jehovah’s Witnesses)

Rutherford, Judge (past president of Jehovah’s Witnesses)

Sandford, John & Paula (Latter Rain)

Sanford, Agnes (Occult visualization inner healing advocate)

Savelle, Jerry (Copeland clone)

Scandrette, Mark (Emergent Church)

Schambach, R. W. (deceased Latter Rain)

Schuler, Robert (Peale clone, positive confession liberal)

Seamands, David (Mystic Contemplative Prayer Movement)

Senge, Peter (Buddhist)

Seymour, William (see Parham, Charles)

Shaw, Gwen (Latter Rain; spiritual war network)

Sheets, Dutch (Elijah List)

Smith, Joseph (Founding False Prophet of Mormonism)

Smith, L. Ray (anti-trinitarian, universalist, annihilist)

Sproul, RC (Calvinist, pop-psychology, preterist, ecumenist)

St. John of the Cross (Mystic Contemplative Prayer)

Stapleton, Ruth Carter (Occult inner healing see Agnes Sanford)

Stevens, John Robert (Latter Rain; assoc of Frangipane)

Strader, Stephen (Latter Rain)

Sutton, Dave (Emergent Church)

Talbot, John Michael (Contemplative Mysticism)

Tenney, Tommy (Oneness Pentecostalism, Charismatic)

Teresa of Avila (Contemplative Mysticism)

Thompson, Robb (Word of Faith, lucre lover)

Tilton, Robert (Copeland clone)

Vineyard Fellowship or Churches (Wimberites)

Wagner, Peter (New Apostolic Reformation, Wimberite)

Wallis, Jim (Communist Liberation Theology)

Ward, Karen (Emergent Church)

Warren, Rick (Emergent Purpose Driven, Promotes Chrislam)

White, Dr. John (Latter Rain, Word of Faith)

White, Ellen G. (Founder False Prophet Seventh Day Advents)

White, Paula(Copeland Clone, fornicator w/Benny Hinn)

White, Tom (Latter Rain; spiritual war network)

Willard, Dallas (Emergent Church)

Wimber, John (deceased, Kansas City Prophets/Latter Rain)

Womack, Andrew (Copeland clone)

Wright, H. Norman (Occult inner healing see Agnes Sanford)

Wright, Jeremiah (liberal Liberation Theology, Bible denier)

Xander, Dieter (Emergent Church)

Youth With a Mission Prophets (YWAM- Latter Rain)

Dear friend, there is no way to include every deceiver in a list of this length. If you are in question about someone, please contact me and I’ll search the person’s credentials for you.


3 Responses to LATTER TIMES Heretics List

  1. G. M. Graham says:

    Good Grief!!!! Although I agree with the list of names, it shows that we must test every spirit to determine if they are of God or not. And what about you Dr. Mike, how can we test your spirit?

    • Thanks for your interest my friend.

      These are highly deceptive days and trying the spirits is a command in Scripture (1 John 4:1). These heretics are known as such by what they’ve written and preached. Even though you said you agree with my list, you can further test my spirit by reading the hundreds of articles I’ve written on my blogs. Now, how do we test YOUR SPIRIT G.M. GRAHAM?? 🙂

  2. George Klassen says:

    John MacArthur, a man I followed for years and who I admired for his preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, now claims, along with Jimmy DeYoung, that a person can take the mark of the Beast and still be saved afterwards. How sad that a man such as this has fallen into grave error and will take many of his followers with him.

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