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Dr. Kent Hovind

Please feel free to send questions for future lessons. 🙂 Kent Hovind

Kent Hovind #06452-017
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Berlin, NH 03570

The editor of “Skeptic” magazine, Michael Shermer, once wrote a book, “How to Debate a Creationist.”  That was BEFORE he debated me 3 times!  See the debates on!  HA!  I would be thrilled to debate him (or any 10 evolutionists) again any time, with half my brain tied behind my back. (As Rush says.)  This is one of several short articles on creation that others can learn from and even discuss/debate.

Lesson #1   

How did we (the universe, the earth, man) get here?  As far as anyone can figure out, there are only two options: Someone made the world (Creation) or the world made itself (evolutionism.)  No one has thought of a third option. (Other than a few morons who say, “We’re not really…

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