PMI Center for Biblical Studies

Dr. Mike Johnston

The subject of tongues is one of the most controversial topics in the Bible and I’ve been on both sides of the debate. In the past three decades of ministry I’ve seen it divide families and destroy churches as each side marshals its most compelling arguments and experiences into a bevy of name calling and insults that are both unwarranted and unchristian.

And it got them nowhere!

Please hear me. The issue before us isn’t whether or not tongues is or was a Spiritual gift since it is presented in that context some eighteen times in Scripture. What many of us want to know is: what were they? and are they still valid?

These questions can only be answered if we are willing to trade our theology texts and preconceived notions for the unwavering, unemotional, and unchanging teachings in the Word of God.

This tract does that…

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