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The Shack- a Review
James B. DeYoung (copied from The Berean Call)

Excerpts of a review by James B. DeYoung, Western Theological Seminary

(See for the complete review)

Recently The Shack has been approaching sales of [seven] million copies. There is even talk about making the book into a movie. But while the novel breaks sales records, it also breaks with the traditional understanding of God and Christian theology. And therein lies the rub. Does a work of Christian fiction have to be doctrinally correct?

Who is the author? William P. Young [Paul], a man I have known for over a dozen years. About four years ago, Paul embraced “Christian universalism” and has defended this view on several occasions. While he frequently disavows “general universalism,” the idea that many roads lead to God, he has affirmed his hope that all will be reconciled to God either this side of…

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