(Video) Umm Nidal: “I prepare all my sons for jihad. It is a sacred duty in Islam and a blessing.”

Islamic Beast Rising (Psa 83; Dan 7-12; Rev 11-19)

The Muslim Issue

Umm Nidal – The Saddest, Most Deluded Woman On Earth – مريم محمد يوسف فرحات

The desire to murder others, to “sacrifice” (commit suicide) to slaughter innocent people is a source of great pride for many Muslims who support terrorism. Unlike the politicians of the West imagines, they have no sadness of losing a child to terrorism. It actually elevates and makes them ecstatic to see their child or relative commit suicide. It is a source of great pride and a conviction that it pleases their prophet and their Allah. So no need to publish anymore weepy stories about “Palestinians” dying from their own hatred and aggression in Gaza or anywhere else.

This well known mother of a terrorist, Umm Nidal, is a  womb of hatred. Umm Nidal said she was proud of her sons murders in her December 2005 interview. She in fact said she had

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