YouTube cited as largest jihadi platform on Web

WAKE UP CHURCH AND LISTEN AMERICA: Islamic Beast Rising (Psa 83; Dan 7-12; Rev 11-19)


After years of tracking and monitoring, the Middle East Media Research Institute has documented that web-video giant YouTube is the largest source of online jihadi videos. As part of its project, the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor, MEMRI found that YouTube has surpassed websites administered by large jihadi networks, which were previously the largest online source.   MEMRI volunteered to assist YouTube in its efforts to deter jihadi video posts by helping identify videos that incite violence and terrorist acts for possible removal. In an effort to bring this danger to light, MEMRI officials met with Google Inc. and YouTube representatives to discuss the issue of jihadi videos. Following the meeting, YouTube committed to introducing a flagging system that would allow users to flag and report content that “promotes terrorism.” Once the system was introduced, MEMRI assisted in flagging video it thought would incite possible acts of terrorism. Among the content flagged by MEMRI were…

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