Dr. Renald Showers explains the Rapture, Day of the Lord, Tribulation, and much more!

Are you confused about the rapture, Day of the Lord, Second Coming of Christ, the Tribulation and Great Tribulation?

This from Dr. Renald Showers’ Series “35 most asked question concerning Bible Prophecy” is an excellent resource to save, study, and share.

This first clip of 49 answers the question: Does the Book of Revelation teach that the Rapture will take place before the Tribulation?


3 Responses to Dr. Renald Showers explains the Rapture, Day of the Lord, Tribulation, and much more!

  1. Susan says:

    You are so confused about the word imminence. It means “soon”. Jesus told his disciples that SOON he would return….in THEIR generation. He is not a liar. Soon means soon….not 2000 years later. He tons his disciples that some if THEM would still be alive when ALL things would be fulfilled. The end of the age (old covenant system) was coming to an end and the warning was going out….the Jewish temple was ABOUT to be destroyed. They were celebrating a feast when all the Jews were at the temple eating and drinking and being merry when The Lord returned in wrath and the temple was utterly destroyed …not one stone left unturned. Paul even said that the gospel had already been preached they out all the world. Why do you not believe him? Why write yourself into their 2st century letters? Why not preach the truth that we are in the kingdom now – it comes not with observation. Oh my goodness….we are indeed free now…why do you want to keep people in bonds??? Please preach the truth or stop misleading people. Jesus came already. It is finished. We are enjoying the kingdom now.

    • With all due respect, this is one of the most twisted and confused analyses I’ve ever read. First off, basing your argument on a faulty definition of “imminence” is disingenuous at best, deceptive at worst. NOT WISE!

      Webster’s Dictionary 1828, the authority on King James definitions, defines imminence as: “Properly, a hanging over”. This suggests looming, or impending. While that also could mean soon, your notion that soon negates impending is neither a good defense or a conclusive one.

      Next, your straw man suggestion that I’ve called Jesus a “liar” is typical of a person with emotive desperation who lacks the wherewithal to make the argument. The disciples asked the Lord when the temple would be destroyed and when the kingdom would be delivered to Israel. The temple was destroyed in 70 AD, but to suggest that the kingdom is underway is an egregious attack on truth and reality. Did the Lord Jesus physically appear in Jerusalem and hold the sheep and goat judgement (Matt 24-25)? No. Is evil still present in our world? Yes! Is Satan bound? No. Is Jerusalem safe? No! Are we enjoying international peace? Of course not.

      My suggestion is simple: before you begin challenging the scholastic integrity of anyone else [I’ve personally studied these issues over 30 years], you go back to Bible interpretation 101 and really study these things for yourself because the plethora of preterist heretics who are providing you with your skewed analytical skills are causing you to embarrass yourself.

  2. If we are living in the millennial kingdom… Satan,s chain is much too long. And… how many lions, lying down with lambs have you seen? Of course… not one single example. You really ought to flee the church who teaches you and not look back before you turn into a pillar of salt.

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