OBAMA AND THE ISLAMIC BEAST RISING – (Psa 83; Ezek 38-39; Dan 7-12; Rev 11-19)



The Islamics don’t want our Jeffersonian democracy, but they do want our money!!

Past behavior is the best indicator of future performance. With Islam, we have 1400 years of track record we can analyze that will tell us what the plans are regarding Islam.

Make no mistake, the ultimate goal of Islam is a caliphate. Their progress is as follows: Immigrate, increase, eliminate. Muslims come into neighborhoods. People say, I met a Muslim and they’re nice; let more in. More come in, they get a community; they get an Imam, who teaches them to follow the Qu’ran closer; the ladies start wearing the burqas, they build a mosque, they begin to block streets during times of prayer, and push their radical agenda.

Muslims coming to Dearborn looking for work in the auto plants were at first quite innocuous. Today they have established the largest Mosque in North America, are electing their own Muslim officials who are implementing Sharia in neighborhoods the police will no longer patrol.
Thanks to the power and influence of the Antichrist Barack Hussein Obama, this trend is spreading. In fact, the main legacy of this administration will be the ascendancy of Islam throughout the Middle East and in America with alarming number of trained and radicalized Islamic networks waiting the signal for jihad. And it will happen unless we take steps against this.
Unfortunately, Barack Hussein Obama has consistently proven he loves our enemies and hates America that has been evidenced by his apology tour where he has literally thrown America’s history under the bus. Moreover, he is forcing his anti-American agenda by developing dangerous ties with anti-America, anti-Semitic organizations such as the Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) which was founded by Islamic terrorists., and the Muslim Brotherhood founded in 1928 with the express purpose of destroying Jews and stealing Jerusalem.

Obama appointed Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court who supported Sharia Law at Harvard. Obama has also violated the 1st Amendment by giving millions of our tax dollars to rebuild Muslim mosques around the world. (Imagine the outrage from the ACLU or their vile brother Barry Lynn if he would have sent money to rebuild a Christian church).

Obama has touted Muslim influence in America’s founding and history. Now some textbooks are being re-written to reflect this blasphemous distortion.

Because of his identification with Islam, Obama has arbitrarily chosen to agandon terms such as Islam and Jihad to describe the increasing acts of terrorism we see happening around the world. In a speech, Obama touted to his Muslim brothers that the US was one of the largest Muslim countries in the world (source)

September 2010 the Pakistani Minister called for Obama to become “Caliph of Muslims.” (the Post and Email September 11, 2010)

In September 2008 he slipped in front of the television interview tih George Stephanopoulos by referring to his Muslim faith. Obama told Egyptian foreign Minister Gheit he was a Muslim. Israeli and Middle East Media excerpted a story from AtlasShrugs.com claiming Obama confessed to being a Mulsim in Obama Watch World News June 14, 2010. Many Muslim picks to key level positions under Obama confirms his ties to Islam. As a matter of official record, Obama quickly signed US up for pro-Islamic lobby in the UN with the King of Saudi Arabia s the royal protector.

Kareem Shora, a devout Muslim was sworn in as a Homeland Security Advisor

Minnesota is the first state to offer Islamic Mortgages

Rick Warren called for an interfaith cooperation siting commonalities between Islam and Christianity. Dutch conservative Geert Wilders warned Islam is taking over. It’s not uncommon to see Muslims carrying signs stating Islam will dominate the world.

SOME OF THE 99 NAMES FOR ALLAH ARE: The Creator, the Most Proud, the Greatest Deceiver, the Destroyer, the Hidden One, the Delayer, the Bringer of Death, the One

Muslims believe Jesus is not the son of God, he is the prophet of allah. He will return, abolish the jiziyah, smash the crosses and kill the pigs- Christians and Jews. After that, the Islamic utopia is complete.

A few years ago a PBS host made the untenable claim that most terrorists are Christians.

While Christian around the world are being persecuted, driven from their homelands, and slaughtered, Obama remains silent. Islamic hard liners in Indonesia pledged war against Christians and the government also was silent.



2 Responses to OBAMA AND THE ISLAMIC BEAST RISING – (Psa 83; Ezek 38-39; Dan 7-12; Rev 11-19)

  1. supajohnny says:

    Reblogged this on Your Dog Wouldn't Like It and commented:
    The Dog Says:-
    Is Obama the Beast or anti-Christ of prophecy in the Bible?

    • That’s a great question. Several years ago Henry Kissinger claimed they were grooming Obama to rule the New World Order. While we know that throughout history there have been tens of millions of Antichrists (2 Jn 1:7) there have only been a handful of Antichrist types (Antiochus Ephiphanes, Nero and some Caesars, Hitler, etc). I believe Obama qualifies as both an antichrist and an Antichrist type and over time may prove to be THE very man of sin, the son of perdition (2 Thess. 2:3). Time will tell.

      Keep following the Lord Jesus and carefully study Daniel 7-12, 2 Thess 2:3-12, and Rev 13-19.

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