Exclusive: Obama Decides to Let Thousands of Muslim Refugees From Syria Into the U.S.

ISLAMIC BEAST RISING (Psa 83; Ezek 38-39; Dan 7-12; Rev 11-19)
Islam spreads as the PC controlled government continues to ban criticism of it.

Matthew 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

sharia unveiled

File picture of women, who are part of the Sawt al-Haq, standing with their weapons as they undergo military training in Aleppo

Obama’s Motto:  “Import Muslims – Export Nothing”

Forward by, Schuyler Montague

To put the article below in perspective, it is important to recall a few events that transpired more than two years ago.  At the time, Mubarak was still the President of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood had not yet risen to power and there was no war in Syria.  

First, a senior intelligence official in the Israeli government by the name of Avi Lipkin received a message directly that stated.. ‘Obama told a senior U.N. Official that “.. the United States would be a Muslim country by 2016..”‘  After receiving this information, Mr. Lipkin researched the various methods by which this could even be possible.  After concluding his research, he then wrote his findings in a number of articles.  Mr. Lipkin stated;  In order for the United States to become a Muslim nation in such a short period.. certain things…

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