Qatar Foundation to Open Massive Sharia Compliant ‘Islamic Cultural Center’ in Washington, D.C.

sharia unveiled

Qatar Islamic Cultural Center D.C.

CityCenterDC, largely financed by a sovereign wealth fund of Qatar, will feature a Qatari cultural center on the fifth floor and Eric Holder’s Law Firm.

by,  Jonathan O’Connell | The Washington Post

h/t Creeping Sharia and Melissa F.

The nation of Qatar is not only financing a major portion of the colossal downtown development project CityCenterDC, but a key nonprofit from the Persian Gulf state will have a presence there when the first phase is completed early next year.

The Qatar Foundation International, a nonprofit educational group, will open a 15,188-square-foot office and cultural center in CityCenterDC on the fifth floor at 800 10th St. NW, according to the organization’s real estate advisors.

Maggie Mitchell Salem, executive director of the foundation, said in a statement issued through the real estate firm CBRE that the space would be “designed to increase knowledge and understanding of Arabic language and culture…

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