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America Takes Down Osama bin Laden’s Lawyer

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On December 23, 2013 @ 12:54 am In Daily Mailer,FrontPage | 37 Comments

Osama bin Laden’s lawyer didn’t live in a cave in Afghanistan. Like so many terrorist lawyers, he was a New Yorker. His law office, which has seen more terrorists and their files pass through it than an Afghan cave, sits above a Muslim 99 cent store that offers discounted napkins, sandals and toasters, and is a four-minute drive away from the World Trade Center.

Stanley Cohen has never been shy about fighting what he believes in. And what he believes in is murder.

“If I don’t support the politics of political clients, I don’t take the case,” he once said. A few weeks after September 11, he said, “If Osama bin Laden arrived in the United States today and asked me to represent him, sure I’d represent him.”

Osama bin Laden never did arrive in the United States, though perhaps one day pieces of him will wash up on a California beach, and his wannabe lawyer had to settle for representing his son-in-law, who, after September 11, had appeared in a video threatening that “the storm of planes will not stop.”

Neither Stanley Cohen nor his client were able to make good on their threats. And in a twist, Stanley Cohen may end up with a prison sentence before the Al Qaeda spokesman whom he represents.

Al Capone didn’t go down for any of the murders he committed. Instead he was put away for tax fraud. Now Stanley Cohen faces a maximum of twenty-five years locked away in prison with the terrorists, murderers and rapists whom he has spent a lifetime defending both in and out of court.

Like so many leftists, Cohen began as a community organizer. Then he joined forces with another terrorist lawyer, Lynne Stewart, to defend Kathy Boudin, a member of the Weather Underground. Stewart was put away for passing messages from the Blind Sheikh, the leader of a Muslim Brotherhood splinter group, whose followers carried out the World Trade Center bombing and plotted further attacks.

Cohen became Stewart’s lawyer but couldn’t save his partner from a ten-year jail sentence for providing material support to terrorists. Now he may end up joining her behind bars.

Stanley Cohen was eager to be depicted as an honorary terrorist, showing off photos with Hamas leaders and boasting about his close connections to the mass murderers. Like a mob lawyer who imagines that defending goombahs makes him one, Stanley Cohen liked to pretend that he was one of the Hamas gang, defending suicide bombings and bragging about his bodyguards and reception in Gaza.

Cohen didn’t just defend Muslim terrorists. He advocated their views loudly and vehemently. He befriended them and then he tried to live like them.

In 1981, Kathy Boudin and other May 19th Communist Organization members had participated in the Brinks bank robbery, stealing $1.6 million and murdering two police officers and one guard. Stanley Cohen conducted his own private robbery by not reporting over $3 million in income over 5 years. It was a more successful robbery than Boudin pulled off. But like Kathy, Stanley eventually also got caught.

Last year, Stanley Cohen had been indicted for evading taxes on a mere $10,000. Now the total has passed $3 million and may still keep climbing as investigators pore through his financial shenanigans.

The indictment reveals Cohen’s utterly brazen disregard for the law. While taking in over $500,000 a year, he filed tax extensions, but did not file a tax return from 2005 to 2010. Instead he told clients to pay him in cash or wire money to his American Express card. He kept money in a safety deposit box near his other home in Jeffersonville, a mostly white village in upstate New York that is a far cry from his showy radical multicultural digs in the East Village.

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