Bulgarians shout: ‘You are not Europeans, you are barbarians’ as 2000+ protest Muslim land grabbing

I-slam isn’t a religion and it’s not peaceful. Mooslims are colonizing, throat-slitting savages intent on dominating the world. Oppose them!

MULTICULTURALISM is a SHAM and “PEACEFUL MOOSLIM” is an OXYMORON! The facts- while inconvenient for some- are still the facts. While it’s true that the Lord Jesus indeed changes people, the reality is that most Mooslims don’t get saved, they get further radicalized in their quest to colonize every country they inhabit. Eventually they are turned over to a reprobate mind and beyond redemption. Hear me, please. The only reason you find a “peaceful, moderate” Mooslim that hasn’t raped your wife and daughter, sodomized your son(s) and killed you, is because their numbers are not large enough- YET!! Mark my word, the “BUTCHER’S HANDBOOK” aka the Qu’ran commands they bide time until they can slice your head off if you refuse to convert. My suggestion to you who still believe Mooslims are peace-loving, co-habitators is to take a trip to infested parts of Europe, or even Dearborn, Michigan and see how it’s working out for them.

The Muslim Issue

BULGARIANS step up attacks on mosque in Plovdiv city with stones, smoke and stun grenades in protest against Muslim infiltrators demanding to be given old unused mosque properties. Bulgaria has been plagued by a recent influx of Muslim mass immigration who are quickly starting landgrab demands.

This is all a part of the rapidly expanding Khiafa movement, where Muslims want to grab and reclaim not only old booty from the Caliphate invasions into Europe, and confiscated areas and structures but also their desire and intentions to expand to new booty. They want to get a foothold to grow their empire from within each country.

While the crowd were at the mosque, each blast of a firecracker or sound of breaking glass was greeted by cheers from the mob. After the smashing of windows, police began to attempt to move the crowd, unofficially estimated at 2000 people, back. During this engagement…

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