Letter to Reps + Senators: Fix the voter fraud


Please feel free to use this as a template for ideas to draft your letter demanding our reps and senators fix the voter fraud.

Dear Honorable Senator <Name> or Representative <Name>:

While I know you have much on your plate, American freedoms have been threatened by deviants favoring anti-Colonial, anti-Constitutional ideology and are manipulating the voting polls to impose their agenda.

With that as the ominous backdrop looming over us, I’m writing letters requesting that our representatives and Senators put an end to the voter fraud that’s largely surfaced from the past two elections. One example- and there are many- was reported on December 22, 2013 by Fox News from the key swing state of Ohio where non-citizens and 257,000 dead people were discovered to have voted in the November election. Need I remind you how that makes those of us who play by the rules feel about the outcome of that election.

Therefore, as a tax paying Veteran and patriotic American citizen that you represent, I would like to know if YOU are considering an investigation into this VOTING FRAUD which seems to be expanding in 4 directions:

(1) People voting many times; (2) Non-registered and non-citizens being allowed to vote; (3) FIXED VOTING MACHINES which have been rigged for specific candidates while disallowing others; (4) Sending the votes (from an increasing number of our States in this 2014 election) to be COUNTED by o’bama’s friends in Socialist Soros’s Spanish company that will be subject to CHANGING THE OUTCOME to favor specific parties and/or candidates.

Kindly advise me regarding this request. I’m praying for you and for America.

Dr. Mike Johnston
Christian Patriot, Viet Nam Veteran USN (1966-1970), and Voting American Citizen, Michigan


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