Video: Onlookers busy taking pictures in Riyadh as Indian worker is hacked to death in broad daylight

We need to pray and protest against savage mooslim multiculturalism!
CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood shills think nothing of lying (taqiyya) in order to spread their hate and promote their barbarism. Read the news, friend. The marching mantra of qu’ran-obedient mooslims is simple:
Convert or die!
The reason for this evil is intrinsic in the fabric of Islam. It isn’t a race; it’s a savage totalitarian political Beast much like that which is described in Daniel 7-12 and Revelation 11-19, and that Beast is currently imposing a Muhammad mandated sharia based Caliphate on the world at the point of a sword. And while Islamists may enter a nation as peaceful co-habitators, they soon prove to be cultural cannibals on a mission to colonize every country that will- in self-destructive ignorance- play host to their charade.
Hear me friend. The facts are the facts. Over the past 1400 year history of Islam, they have proven time and again that they are not a religion and they are not peaceful. Mooslims are colonizing, throat-slitting savages intent on dominating the world for ollie which they will do if decent people remain silent in an effort to prove their “tolerance” toward this unjust, barbaric tyranny.
If we don’t oppose them in America while their numbers are small, they will not only have one of their own in the White House, but will raise their Islamic flag above it.
Oppose these savages NOW!
Write letters to the editor exposing their sharia based barbarism! Multiculturalism is the Trojan horse mooslims use to draw welfare and gain access to our courts where they litigate against our Constitution. Any mooslim claiming to be a peaceful mooslim is either practicing “taqiyya” (lying to promote Ollie’s cause) or is ignorant of mohammad’s strict teachings about killing all who will not convert to I-slam. If you are still not convinced, may I suggest you take a trip to Eur-abia or Dearbornistan, Michigan, and see how multicultural I-slam infiltration is working out for them.
Dearborn has 2nd highest concentration of people designated as “known or suspected terrorists” | Creeping Sharia

The Muslim Issue

Riyadh : Onlookers busy taking pictures as mentally ill man killed in broad daylight

RIYADH, (Saudi Gazzet) : The story of a mentally ill Saudi citizen who stabbed an Indian worker to death in Riyadh in broad daylight while onlookers were busy taking pictures of the incident instead of stopping him had stirred a lot of controversy.

The incident has been widely debated by Saudi society with many blaming the hospital that treated the man.

People have asked who was responsible for this incident.

A report, published by Al-Hayat newspaper on Thursday, said the hospital was not to be absolved of responsibility even though it claimed it could not handle more than 200 patients while Riyadh reportedly has more than 10,000 schizophrenic residents.

What makes the justifications of the hospital unacceptable, said Al-Hayat, is that it has a long history of violations.

On several occasions it had reportedly refused to…

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