Israel: Muslim embroiled in family feud report fake hate crime, blaming it on ‘Jewish extremist’

The Muslim Issue

Surprise, surprise. They never change.


Arab resident of Israeli city of Lod hospitalized after vicious assault, blames ‘Jewish extremists’ – but his story soon unravels.

By Ari Soffer, Israel National News
First Publish: 8/2/2015, 2:56 PM

Arrest (file)
Arrest (file). Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

An Arab resident of Lod in central was caught fabricating an alleged attack by “Jewish extremists” Sunday morning, as tension remain high over the murder of a young Palestinian child in a terror attack Friday.

Imad Abu Sharikh was hospitalized in moderate condition after being severely beaten by a gang of youths Sunday. Abu Sharikh told police he was heading to the mosque when three “right-wing extremists” attacking him, shouting “filthy Arab, expel all the Arabs!”

The report quickly made the rounds in the Israeli and Palestinian media, along with pictures of a bloodied and battered Abu Sharikh. The claim that he had been the victim of a racist…

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