Will Islam Be Our Future? – Joel Richardson

DISCLAIMER: Posting this article doesn’t mean we endorse all that this author teaches.

A Study of Biblical and Islamic Eschatology 

Joel Richardson

Table of Contents
Introduction:  A Note From The Author

Part One: Introduction to Islamic Eschatology And Doctrine 

Chapter 1.           Why This Book? Waking Up to The Islamic Revival

Chapter 2.           The Sacred Texts of Islam

Chapter 3.           Islamic Eschatology

Chapter 4.           The Mahdi: Islam’s Awaited Messiah

Chapter 5.           Comparing The Biblical Antichrist and The Mahdi

Chapter 6.           The Muslim Jesus

Chapter 7.           Comparing The False Prophet and The Muslim Jesus

Chapter 8.           The Dajjal: Islam’s Antichrist

Chapter 9.           Comparing The Biblical Jesus and The Dajjal

Chapter 10.         The Revived Islamic Empire of The Antichrist

Chapter 11.         The Dark Nature of Muhammad’s Revelations

Chapter 12.         The Antichrist Spirit of Islam

Chapter 13.         An Ancient Hatred for The Jews

Chapter 14.         End Time Martyrdom And Islam’s Practice of Beheading

Chapter 15.         Jihad And Islam’s Goal of World Domination

Chapter 16.         Understanding Deceit and Dishonesty in Islam

Chapter 17.         The Great Apostasy, Terror and Islam’s Conversion Rates

Chapter 18.         Summary Comparisons

Part Two: Further Analysis

Chapter 19.         Addressing Some Potential Objections

Chapter 20.         Further Thoughts

Part Three: How Should We Respond?

Chapter 21.         Responding with Prayer

Chapter 22.         Responding with Outreach

Chapter 23.         Preparing for Martyrdom

Appendix: Embracing Biblical Eschatology



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