More of the Clinton Corruption


by Eric Barger

In a 1993 video presentation I outlined Hillary Clinton’s association with ultra-liberal Methodist minister Rev. J. Philip Wogaman, who pastored the Clintons during their time in the White House. Wogaman advocated far left social positions, held conferences favoring a world government and religion, and famously quipped, “The Scriptures, like the Washington Post, contain both truth and error.”[1]

Back in ’93 I also outlined Mrs. Clinton’s propensity for all things New Age, such as spiritism, séances, and numerous necromantic forays to the rooftop solarium of the White House, where she received “inspiring” communications from an entity identifying itself as deceased former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.[2] Hillary’s claim of being an “old fashioned Methodist”[3] didn’t hold much water back then, though her tutelage into the occult by such New Age luminaries as Marianne Williamson and Jean Houston appears to be bearing dark fruit to this day. However disturbing as all that may be, it is yet another of Mrs. Clinton’s “influences” that I wish to examine here.

Who is Michael Lerner and what is “Tikkun?”

Since 1988 both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been acquainted with Michael Lerner, the founder and editor of Tikkun Magazine. By 1993 Lerner had become a close confidant with Hillary,[4] was a frequent guest at the White House, and was being referred to by numerous reporters as the “guru” of both the President and particularly, Mrs. Clinton.[5] He was the source and inspiration of Hillary’s widely publicized use of the phrase “The Politics of Meaning,” which she debuted in a speech in Austin, Texas, on March 25 (1993) while pushing her own ill-conceived socialized health care


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