LTN: As you know, the Islamic caliphate promised at the inception of the Muslim Brotherhood- founded in Egypt in 1928- has come full circle back to Egypt. Keep your eye on Hamas in Gaza and the way the world continues to spin the battles against Israel. Be sure to read Psalm 83; Dan 7-12; and Rev 11-19 for background info.

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Citizens Commission on Benghazi: Obama Provided Material Support to Terrorists


Are we surprised by this? EVERYTHING O’bama has done since stealing the W. H. has been aimed at destroying America.

Originally posted on The Counter Jihad Report:

Stays-in-Benghazi-450x350Front Page, by  Daniel Greenfield:

The interim report of the Citizens Commission on Benghazi is out and it states that…

The war in Libya was unnecessary, served no articulable U.S. national security objective, and led to preventable chaos region-wide. In the period since the 2011 revolution in Libya, the country has remained fragmented, poorly governed, and overrun with violent militias, the majority of which are jihadist Al Qa’eda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) affiliates. Yet, at the time of his overthrow, Muammar Qaddafi was an ally of the United States in the Global War on Terror.

And points out that…

Even more disturbingly, the U.S. was fully aware of and facilitating the delivery of weapons to the al-Qa’eda-dominated rebel militias throughout the 2011 rebellion. The jihadist agenda of AQIM, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), and other Islamic terror groups represented among the rebel forces was well known…

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Hatred & terrorism are tenets of I-slam. Ignoring this means more women and children will be raped & murdered by unconscionable savages!

Originally posted on The Counter Jihad Report:

Muslim pilgrims circle the Kaaba and pray at the Grand mosque during the annual haj pilgrimage in the holy city of Meccaby Vijay Kumar: (re-posting from Aug. 7, 2013)

THE KABAH IN MECCA WAS NOT BUILT AS AN ISLAMIC MOSQUE. It was an ancient temple that had been shared by polytheists, Christians, Jews, and Hindus, honoring 360 different deities. In 630 A.D. the Kabah was captured by Islam in its military invasion and conquest of Mecca.

On the day of its capture, Mohammed delivered an address at the Kabah in military dress and helmet, according to Ayatullah Ja’far Subhani in his book, “The Message”:

“Bear in mind that every claim of privilege, whether that of blood or property is abolished . . . I reject all claims relating to life and property and all imaginary honors of the past, and declare them to be baseless . . . A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim and all the Muslims are brothers of one another and constitute one hand as against…

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Pamela Geller, Breitbart: The mosque missing from the media’s Boston jihad bombing remembrances | Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

Mosques matter:The Mosque Missing from the Media’s Boston Marathon Bombing Remembrances, Pamela Geller, Breitbart, April 22, 2014

Amid all the observances and solemn statements and cries of “Boston Strong,” the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon jihad massacre proved one thing: denial about jihad terror and the mosques that encourage it is stronger than ever.All the observances, commemorations and coverage studiously avoided mentioning why the attack happened in the first place (jihad) and the Islamic Society of Boston, where the jihad murderers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev attended mosque prayers. Boston’s former Mayor Thomas Menino put on a sad, grieving face for the anniversary observances. He should have been grieving over the outrageous sweetheart deal he gave to the Islamic Society of Boston on some prime Boston real estate, enabling them to build their huge mosque essentially at taxpayer expense.

via Pamela Geller, Breitbart: The mosque missing from the media’s Boston jihad bombing remembrances | Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs.

Dear Mr. Mooslim – It’s time for you to leave the America you HATE!


So here you are in your bald faced bearded belligerence hiding inside the Trojan Horse of multiculturalism where you whimper and whine like a spoiled brat playing the wounded child, proclaiming yourself a victim of religious intolerance and bigotry when in fact it is you who have proven through your sordid 1400 year history to be the bigoted and intolerant one.

Pay attention here Mr. Mooslim. When you enter another man’s home and the furnishings aren’t to your liking, you don’t threaten to rape his wife, kill him, or blow up his house if he doesn’t change them to your liking; you do the honorable thing and you either respect our country and our history which is far from being the mooslim nation your leader and brother in the W.H. claims that it is, or you gather your belongings and you leave.

The fact is, Mr. Mooslim, while godless liberals and their politically correct cronies are licking your boots, millions of Christians and Patriotic Americans have taken another look at what you’re up to. Frankly, we are fed up with supplying you and your burqa-bearing horde with lavish welfare benefits that are helping underwrite your mission of replacing the Constitution with Islamic sharia as is evidenced by the never ending salvo of frivolous lawsuits you and your bottom-feeding attorneys file in our courts.

“But wait!” you demand. “I’m not a radicalized mooslim; I’m part of a new breed of moderate mooslims who cherish and cooperative with American values. You can trust me.”

Trust you? Yea right. Anyone who buys into that hogwash will also believe an acid bath is good for a woman’s complexion.

Here’s a question for you Mr. Mooslim.

While you may claim to be “moderate” mooslim now, when the dog whistle is blown in the future- and it surely will be- are you going to side with me against the throat slitting mooslim jihadists you now call your “radicalized” brethren? Didn’t think so.

You see, Mr. Mooslim, the awkward truth about you speaks for itself. Didn’t you know the very name “Muslim” means follower of Mohammad and Islam? Moreover, aren’t you aware Big Mo commanded mooslims to rule the world by the forceful establishment of an international caliphate under Sharia law overseen by a despotic dictator called the Mahdi?

With the above as a backdrop, are you now asking us to believe you didn’t know that Islamists are mandated in the qu’ran to build and financially support mosques where dervishes called Imams can teach the implementation of Sharia Law through jihad so they can take over the world?

Hear this Mr. Mooslim. Islam is no religion of peace and it has no moderates. Any Mooslim claiming to be peaceful and moderate is either practicing “taqiyya” (lying to promote ollie’s cause) or is ignorant of Mohammad’s strict teachings about mutilating and decapitating all infidels who will not convert to Islam via da’wa.

The facts are the facts Mr. Mooslim. The box containing your stated goals has been opened and the problematic truth is oozing out like bilge water from a sewer everywhere you plant your colonies. Here’s the facts:

Fact: We have read the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans for flying your flag over the White House which took gargantuan steps forward with the election of the antichrist mooslim B arack H ussein O bama.

Fact: Bible believers know that the rise of Islam coincides with the future Beast and the coming Imam which seems to fit the prophecy of the future Antichrist who will rule over it (Dan 7-12; Rev 11-19).

Fact: You are winning the war of popular opinion because your IslamoFascist tyranny is- after all- apocalyptic. This explains the carte blanche support given you by unethical leftists who are eager to forego your unconscionable terrorizing, raping, pillaging, and throat-slitting activities because they share your hatred for America and unfettered desire to destroy her.  How convenient that both of you demons were able to meet one another on this side of Hell.

So are we angry? You bet we are Mr. Mooslim. Let me give you a brief summation of unvarnished truth others shy away from.

First, America is still a Christian nation- that was founded by Bible believing Christians! While these men were admittedly flawed beings, the founding documents, collateral writings, and Bible quotes etched in stone in our Nation’s capital prove the majority of these imperfect men were committed to the God of the Bible. There are no quotes from the qu’ran and not a single mooslim in the bunch! If that bothers you, go back to the land of Islam.

Second, we are American’s who still believe in the God of the Bible whose Son is also God, and His Name is Jesus. You don’t believe that and you denigrate and defame our Saviour while threatening all who treat Mohammad and ollie with the same measure of contempt. You hate that our laws are derived from the Bible and the Constitution, not from Mohammad, the qu’ran, sunnah, hadith, or sharia and you are committed to changing this. Hear me you misfit mooslim. If you want to live under barbarous Islamic totalitarianism, fine; but not here, so shut your mouth and leave America.

Third, get this straight! Our official language is English. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, learn the language and speak it so we know what you’re saying. If you want to speak Arabic, that’s fine. Shut your mouth and leave America.

Fourth, our experience with you- not at all a good one I might add- proves that your “religion of peace” isn’t at all what you pretended. Moreover, the arab spring you and the mooslim in the W.H. touted as a new beginning has become the unremitting firestorm from Hell.  In all candor, Islam is barbaric, blasphemous, and highly unacceptable to spiritually sensitive, civilized people who know the truth about you, are well armed with guns and ammo, and are willing to stand up against you just as we have stood up to many uncivilized barbarians before you.

So why wouldn’t you want to leave on your own? You have admitted that our country, our culture, our clothing, and our Christian ideals and values have offended you and that you have no intention of co-habiting with us under our Constitution that was in place long before you arrived here. Moreover, instead of integrating into our society, you have infected us by your blistering belligerence in litigating against us; attacking our Constitution hoping to replace it with an Islamic caliphate under the unacceptable sham of sharia law- whether we like it or not.

It ain’t gonna happen Mr. Mooslim!

Now, here’s where we’re at with you.

Millions of American patriots are going on record demanding that you take all your traumatized, terrified, fist-beaten, burqa bearing, genital butchered, acid drenched subservient wives, and radicalized, mesmerized, and propagandized children, and hop the first freighter, airplane, or camel caravan back to the Middle Eastern country you migrated from because you and your welfare sucking family aren’t welcome here any longer.

Need I be more straight forward Mr. Mooslim?

Izlam and Nazism: 1,400 Years Of Jew Hate 


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